How to choose a immigration consultant? 

When you decide to immigrate to Canada, you’re making a life-time decision.  You may want to find a professional representative.  But there’re some many “immigration consultants” out there,  how can you tell the difference?  Here are 3 tips. 

First of all, check the company or the consultant’s website, name cards or any related advertisement.  If you see the RCIC logo and number in the advertisement, at least this consultant is regulated and most importantly, legal.  While dealing with Immigration Law, or any time during your immigration application process, the last thing you want to do is something against the law. 

Secondly,  and the most important step, is to verify on ICCRC website.  Just simply put the RCIC’s license number, and see if it’s showing as active.  You’ll be able to see which company this licensee is practicing under as well.  If anything is not matching the information you got from your agent,  you know something is not right.  

The third step, is the retainer agreement.  You must have been provided with one.  If not, that a big red flag.  All RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) are required to sign a retainer agreement with all clients,  even it’s pro bono (with no charge).   The retainer agreement is acting as a service contract.  There’re several clauses made mandatory by ICCRC to protect the public.  For example, how you’ll be charged, the complaint avenue, etc.  Even though for a lot of immigration applicants English is not the first language, you should still request for an English retainer as it’s protected by law.  Be extra careful when someone provides you with a retainer in 2 languages, make sure the 2 versions singing the same song. 

Ok, hope this will give some idea about finding a qualified legal immigration consultant.  If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment.  I’ll make sure all comments get replied. 



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